The Lace Reader By Brunonia Barry

So I am reading like a crazy person and LOVING IT! I started this book last night and just finished. WOW! This book has sat on my shelf for about 2 years and I kept overlooking it, I’m not sure why.

In this book we follow Towner (Or Sophya) as she returns to her home town of Salem following the disappearance of her Great Aunt Eva. It has been 15 years since Towner ran from Salem following a glimpse into her future, a future without her twin sister Lydley. What waits for Towner makes her question her past and whether she misread the lace all those years ago.

This book is awesome. I know I say that a lot because well I love my imagination! I was totally lost in this world of witches and magic. Towner is an awesome character with lots of questions about her past. In her teens she underwent shock therapy and parts of her memory are missing. Shes sure shes worked through the haze and fitted the pieces back together but when the truth hits you at the end its awesome. There is a quote on the back of the book from ‘The Guardian’ that says “Clairvoyance, abuse, religion and an ending that makes you look back at the entire novel with fresh eyes” and honestly it doesn’t get more right that that. The ending changes everything but at the same time brings everything together. My sister in law has been looking for a book to read and this is it. If you see this book buy it! You won’t regret it.



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