The Appeal & The Street Lawyer by John Grisham

So I have never even picked up a John Grisham book before this! I know shocking! I have definitely been inspired to read more I love legal fiction so both of these book were perfect for me!

So this book starts with the verdict of a case against Krane Chemical. A company dumping cancer causing chemicals into a small Mississippi towns water supply. Its an amazing win for the families of the town who have lost or are losing loved ones due to Krane’s disregard for their health. Unfortunately the billionaire owner of Krane Chemical decides no victim will receive a dollar of his money and sets in motion a plan to fix the appeal and save his company and of course become richer in the process.

It’s hard to explain this book in a paragraph and the majority of people who love legal fiction will already have enjoyed this book. I love the way its written and even though at the end you feel a little cheated at the way it works out it still holds you and you still enjoy this book. Peoples eyes are opened to the damage that big businesses can do if they are not held accountable and you feel like the future in this county might be on the up after all!

I really enjoyed this book. This was my favorite of the two.

We follow Michael Brock a lawyer on the fast track to partner at his firm ‘Drake and Sweeney’ until one day an almost fatal encounter with ‘Mister’ a homeless man brings it all crashing down around him.

Mister was furious at the firm, and Michael wants to find out why. What he discovers makes him give it all up to do the right thing and bring ‘Drake and Sweeney’ to justice. He starts working as a street lawyer and in the process looses his house, wife and all his savings, but Michael doesn’t care hes a man on a mission to do the right thing, and along the way help anyone who asks for it.

I loved this book because of the whole idea that bad things are happening right under your nose and its not until you almost lose your life you realize what you have and your ability to help others. Michael is a great character and in the end his conscience helps him on his way. Its nice to believe that not everyone is all bad!

I have a couple of other John Grisham books to read on the shelf and I can’t wait!


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