Hold Tight by Harlan Coben

So its been so long since I picked up a book, we been having a few family emergencies lately and I’m taking the time to review these books before we run off again. So this book was one I picked up for a couple of dollars and I loved it!

We follow Tia and Mike Baye as they struggle with their parenting decisions regarding their 16 year old son Adam. After Adams close friend Spencer commits suicide they install spy ware software of his computer and get pulled into a world they don’t understand. Adam goes missing and as they unravel the trail to find him they discover a secret that could place both father and son behind bars.

So this is just a quick review but one of the reasons I enjoyed this is because the book follows 4 or 5 different stories all the way through and keeps you guessing at how they’ll all join up. The last big reveal in the book was a little silly but I still loved it. It kept me interested and kept my mind sane in the hospital so I would definitely recommend.


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