Never Forget By Lisa Cutts


So this was exciting I’ve been busy moving house and haven’t picked up a book in such a long time! So I ended my book drought with this book by Lisa Cutts. I’ve never heard of this author before and I enjoyed this book but I freaked out at the end and I don’t get it! So if anyone else has read this book and you do get it please let me know!

So we follow Nina a police officer with a secret past and a worrying present. When she was just a child Nina along with her sister Sarah were kidnapped and Sarah never made it out alive. Now whilst working on the biggest case of her career her secret past comes back to haunt her in the form of a stalker. A stalker she’s had for the last 20 years! How has he hidden in plain sight all this time and why is the murderer so interested in her history? As Nina strives to uncover the truth she has no idea just how much that truth could cost!

So as I said before the ending of this book got me, and it’s not even the last chapter or anything it’s the last sentence! Which is so frustrating however at the same time it’s kinda what I want authors to do! I would recommend this book for a quick and easy read 🙂

On a separate but just as exciting note! We headed off to a local auction today and came home very happily with about 40 new books, all for $20 BARGAIN! So here I go! Happy reading peeps!


One thought on “Never Forget By Lisa Cutts

  1. Hi Mrs Willis, thanks for the kind review. I’m the author. Sorry it left you wondering. I’ll leave my email address and would love to hear from you so I can let you know about the ending. Kindest regards Lisa.

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