The Burnt House By Faye Kellerman

"The Burnt House" Faye Kellerman - Trade PB 2007

There are so many books by Faye Kellerman in my local library and I struggled to work out whether they go in any order. So I picked three at random and this was the first. Again I have never read any of Kellerman’s books before but I enjoyed it.

In this book we follow Lieutenant peter Decker. A plane carrying 47 passengers crashes into an apartment block in LA killing anyone close to the blaze. They think its all under control but 46 days later they receive a call from parents claiming although their daughter is on the list of the dead she wasn’t on that doomed flight.

Just as they discover the last female body from the wreckage Decker thinks its all cleared up but this body’s been dead for over 30 years, so with 2 homicides on his plate its going to be hard work to find out the truth.

This book was good and in a way a bit different at the end of a story like this we normally get closure by discovering the killer and a boatload of evidence to keep him locked up for years. We didn’t really get that here but Kellerman gives you a great high note (full of closure for the characters) to end on. Loved it can’t wait to start the next one!


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