Birthdays For The Dead By Stuart Macbride

So this is a book separate from the Logan Mcrae series. I have to be honest and say I didn’t like the characters as much, but that didn’t ruin it for me.

DC Ash Henderson lost his daughter 5 years ago, his ex wife and peers believe she ran away but Ash knows different as every year on her birthday he receives another card. Another card with an image of his daughter being tortured and killed. 

There have been other girls 1 each year for 9 years, he takes them just before their 13th birthdays and sends cards every year afterwards. (CREEPY)

But now ‘the birthday boy’ has taken 2 victims in the same year and instead or waiting a year to send the first card hes sending cards the next day. He’s spiraling out of control and with Ash’s other daughter Katie planning her 13th birthday party he needs to catch this guy and quick! 

Ash needs to get himself together he owes some bad people a LOT of money, he lives in a condemned council house and lives with the burden of knowing what happened to his eldest daughter. 

This book is great, it threw me at the end because for once it wasn’t a ‘happy ending’ as such. Ash is seriously messed up, not very likable at all and his sidekick nicknamed Dr McFruitloop by Ash is just plain odd, just a little too quirky to enjoy.

This book is extremely gritty and I wouldn’t suggest reading it unless you’ve read McBride’s other books and enjoyed them. 



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