Dying Light By Stuart Macbride

Dying Light by Stuart Macbride BOOK (Paperback)

The 2nd book in this series following DS Logan McRae. Again I love this guy, the writing is brilliant and holds you until the last page. 

So, there’s a dead prostitute lying on the streets of Aberdeen and DS McRae is stuck working with DI Steel in the screw up squad. Steel has her own way of doing things and Logan worries that with her taking the spotlight and using his ideas he might never get back to where hes supposed to be. 

Meanwhile someones going around burning down houses and watching families burn. Logan jumps at the chance to help his old DI solve the case and gain back his position, all the while struggling to hold the lid on his new relationship with WPC Jackie Watson. But with Steel barking orders and his career and love life in the balance can Logan crack the case before its too late??

So good! I finished work at 6pm today with half a book to go and its now 9.30pm and I’m writing this counting down the hours until 9am tomorrow when the library opens so I can go get more!

So happy I discovered this author, honestly you have to go check him out. Brilliant.


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