Cold Granite By Stuart Macbride

Cold Granite NEW by Stuart MacBride

So again I judged this book by its cover in my local library and discovered a new author I can put on my list of favorites!

The story is set in Aberdeen and in this book we follow DS Logan Macrae on his hunt to bring down the bad guy killing and torturing children. Some of the scenes are a bit graphic but I found the general telling of the story and the way we follow the police department through the investigation quite ‘Real’ I say this as someone with no experience in law enforcement but still! 🙂

The only thing that annoyed me about the book is every spoken word is in a strong Aberdeen accent meaning that at first I had to say some of the sentences out loud (in a BAD Scottish accent of course) for them to make sense. However as I got further into the story this endeared the characters to me even more and I started to enjoy it.

I have already read the next book in this series and its back to the library tomorrow to get the next ones. Just brilliant! 


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