The Hundredth Man By Jack Kerley

The Hundredth Man by Jack Kerley (Hardback, 2004)

So this book I picked up in the local library on a whim and I went back today to get the next two, that said although I like the story I’m not a huge fan of the way its written. At times its like the sentences or paragraphs are worded wrong. I know what he means and understand what hes saying but I’ve had to stop a few times and read sentences out loud just to check its not me! However Jack Kerley pulled me in somewhere as I’m now 3/4 of the way through his 3rd book!

So we follow Detective Carson Ryder and his partner Harry Nautilus, and as with all other crime fiction EVERYWHERE there’s a dead body or 2 and a crazy serial killer on the loose. Like I said before the reason I ended up enjoying this book and going back for more is the story, it flows well and he throws you all over the place and honestly for me that’s half the fun. I was honestly surprised when I found out who the killer was but as always thinking back Kerley placed some well hidden clues along the way.

The characters are great, I really like Carson and Harry they are a perfect partnership and have some really enjoyable banter and back stories. I would suggest this book if your an avid reader of crime as even though its not the best writing I’ve come across theirs something about Kerley’s story that left me wanting more!


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