The Death Collectors By Jack Kerley

The Death Collectors by Jack Kerley

So book number two from Jack Kerley ‘The Death Collectors’. Again I had the issue with the writing style but for me the story in this book was even better than the ‘Hundredth Man’. He had me to the end and once again shocked me with the reveal.

So again we follow Carson and Harry though a murder investigation only this time its real weird! Pieces of art are being mailed to the victims and discovered with their bodies. The art pulls up a 30 year old case and opens the door to a strange world where we are introduced to the people know as ‘Death Collectors’. They spend their thousands on items belonging to serial killers and blood soaked clothing that belonged to the victims. 

But the art being discovered with the bodies ‘The art of the final moment’ holds significance as up until now it was believed to be a myth. Could a serial killer dead 30 years have come back to haunt the town of Mobile? 

BRILLIANT! I’m not even sure that collecting things belonging to serial killers is a thing but common sense tells me this world is pretty messed up and I’m sure it is! I find the whole idea quite interesting and seriously messed up so to throw a couple of murders in there and write a book about it, awesome idea! 

Totally hooked me and with this book I learnt to ignore the writing faults, not sure if that’s a good thing but worth a read on a lazy day!



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