The Burnt House By Faye Kellerman

"The Burnt House" Faye Kellerman - Trade PB 2007

There are so many books by Faye Kellerman in my local library and I struggled to work out whether they go in any order. So I picked three at random and this was the first. Again I have never read any of Kellerman’s books before but I enjoyed it.

In this book we follow Lieutenant peter Decker. A plane carrying 47 passengers crashes into an apartment block in LA killing anyone close to the blaze. They think its all under control but 46 days later they receive a call from parents claiming although their daughter is on the list of the dead she wasn’t on that doomed flight.

Just as they discover the last female body from the wreckage Decker thinks its all cleared up but this body’s been dead for over 30 years, so with 2 homicides on his plate its going to be hard work to find out the truth.

This book was good and in a way a bit different at the end of a story like this we normally get closure by discovering the killer and a boatload of evidence to keep him locked up for years. We didn’t really get that here but Kellerman gives you a great high note (full of closure for the characters) to end on. Loved it can’t wait to start the next one!


Almost Dead By Lisa Jackson

Almost Dead, Lisa Jackson 9780340961919  Book

I really enjoyed this book, I’ve never read anything by Lisa Jackson before, but this got me interested! 

In this book we follow Cissy Cahill, her marriage is ending in divorce, her estranged mother has just escaped from prison and now members of her family are turning up dead!

Cissy begins to rely on her Ex Jack for support and as they rekindle their relationship their son is taken. With no ransom call and the police sure that (the still missing) Cissy’s mother is behind the murders they have to move quick before they lose the one thing worth living for.

This books pulls you around and totally throws you off balance. Very clever writing, which isn’t that surprising when you discover Lisa Jackson has written over 70 books! Definitely worth a read.

Birthdays For The Dead By Stuart Macbride

So this is a book separate from the Logan Mcrae series. I have to be honest and say I didn’t like the characters as much, but that didn’t ruin it for me.

DC Ash Henderson lost his daughter 5 years ago, his ex wife and peers believe she ran away but Ash knows different as every year on her birthday he receives another card. Another card with an image of his daughter being tortured and killed. 

There have been other girls 1 each year for 9 years, he takes them just before their 13th birthdays and sends cards every year afterwards. (CREEPY)

But now ‘the birthday boy’ has taken 2 victims in the same year and instead or waiting a year to send the first card hes sending cards the next day. He’s spiraling out of control and with Ash’s other daughter Katie planning her 13th birthday party he needs to catch this guy and quick! 

Ash needs to get himself together he owes some bad people a LOT of money, he lives in a condemned council house and lives with the burden of knowing what happened to his eldest daughter. 

This book is great, it threw me at the end because for once it wasn’t a ‘happy ending’ as such. Ash is seriously messed up, not very likable at all and his sidekick nicknamed Dr McFruitloop by Ash is just plain odd, just a little too quirky to enjoy.

This book is extremely gritty and I wouldn’t suggest reading it unless you’ve read McBride’s other books and enjoyed them. 


Stuart Macbride

Dying Light

So I’m going to run through these in one post because I have now finished the lot! 

‘There’s a rapist stalking the cold granite streets, leaving behind him a string of battered, tortured women. But that’s not DS Logan McRae’s case: on top of everything else he has to deal with, Logan’s been lumbered with the blood-drenched body of an unidentified male, dumped outside Accident and Emergency.’

In this book we get to know DI Steel better and honestly now shes one of my favorite characters, shes still a bit of a screw up but now I can enjoy that about her!

Flesh House

Flesh house has to be my favorite one of this series I think. I realized what was going on just as it was revealed. Brilliant writing and a seriously messed up murderer make for an awesome read.

‘When an offshore container turns up at Aberdeen Harbour full of human meat, it kicks off the largest manhunt in the Granite City’s history.

Twenty years ago ‘The Flesher’ was butchering people all over the UK – turning his victims into oven-ready joints – until Grampian’s finest put him away. But eleven years later he was out on appeal. Now he’s missing and people are dying again.’

If you only read one of these books make it this one!

(There is one missing here called ‘Blind Eye’ which I’m still waiting to be returned so I can read it, it did throw me off a little bit as during this book he meets a new girl and also helps a lesbian couple get pregnant! But when id got my head around that I got there!)

Dark Blood

‘Richard Knox has served his time, so why shouldn’t he be allowed to live wherever he wants? Yes, he was convicted of the brutal rape and abduction of a sixty-eight-year-old man, but he’s seen the error of his ways. Found God. Wants to leave his dark past in Newcastle and make a new start.

Or so he says.

Detective Sergeant Logan McRae isn’t exactly thrilled to be part of the team helping Knox settle into his new Aberdeen home. He’s even less thrilled to be stuck with DSI Danby from Northumbria Police – the man who put Knox behind bars for ten years – supposedly here to ‘keep an eye on things’.

Only things are about to go very, very wrong.’

This was interesting, a different story as a murderer wasn’t center stage. I think that made me like it even more. The crimes were still as terrible and Logans drama never lets up so Macbride held me until the end like always. Good read.

Shatter The Bones

So I said Flesh house was my favourite but this has to be a close 2nd!

”You will raise money for the safe return of Alison and Jenny McGregor. If you raise enough money within fourteen days they will be released. If not, Jenny will be killed.’

Alison and Jenny McGregor – Aberdeen’s own mother-daughter singing sensation – are through to the semi-finals of TV smash-hit Britain’s Next Big Star. They’re in all the gossip magazines, they’ve got millions of YouTube hits, everyone loves them.

But their reality-TV dream has turned into a real-life nightmare. The ransom demand appears in all the papers, on the TV, and the internet, telling the nation to dig deep if they want to keep Alison and Jenny alive.’

This was interesting and very clever. Again a different view rather than a serial killer we had kidnappers. 

There is one more book in this series called ‘Close to the bone’ So I need to head to the library and convince them to make this their next purchase! 

Stuart Macbride is brilliant, I have loved reading this series and I cannot wait to see more. I hope you’ll decide to try him out, you wont regret it!

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Dying Light By Stuart Macbride

Dying Light by Stuart Macbride BOOK (Paperback)

The 2nd book in this series following DS Logan McRae. Again I love this guy, the writing is brilliant and holds you until the last page. 

So, there’s a dead prostitute lying on the streets of Aberdeen and DS McRae is stuck working with DI Steel in the screw up squad. Steel has her own way of doing things and Logan worries that with her taking the spotlight and using his ideas he might never get back to where hes supposed to be. 

Meanwhile someones going around burning down houses and watching families burn. Logan jumps at the chance to help his old DI solve the case and gain back his position, all the while struggling to hold the lid on his new relationship with WPC Jackie Watson. But with Steel barking orders and his career and love life in the balance can Logan crack the case before its too late??

So good! I finished work at 6pm today with half a book to go and its now 9.30pm and I’m writing this counting down the hours until 9am tomorrow when the library opens so I can go get more!

So happy I discovered this author, honestly you have to go check him out. Brilliant.

Cold Granite By Stuart Macbride

Cold Granite NEW by Stuart MacBride

So again I judged this book by its cover in my local library and discovered a new author I can put on my list of favorites!

The story is set in Aberdeen and in this book we follow DS Logan Macrae on his hunt to bring down the bad guy killing and torturing children. Some of the scenes are a bit graphic but I found the general telling of the story and the way we follow the police department through the investigation quite ‘Real’ I say this as someone with no experience in law enforcement but still! 🙂

The only thing that annoyed me about the book is every spoken word is in a strong Aberdeen accent meaning that at first I had to say some of the sentences out loud (in a BAD Scottish accent of course) for them to make sense. However as I got further into the story this endeared the characters to me even more and I started to enjoy it.

I have already read the next book in this series and its back to the library tomorrow to get the next ones. Just brilliant! 

The Broken Souls By Jack Kerley

The Broken Souls By Jack Kerley - NEW

So this was the last book in this series that my library had. Not sure if there are more but after this I’m probably not going back!

So ‘The Death Collectors’ kind of got me excited about Kerley and this story is brilliant until it ends with secret houses and hidden disfigured and crazy siblings! Oh the secret lives of the rich!

Just a bit too far off the deep end for me to enjoy.

The Death Collectors By Jack Kerley

The Death Collectors by Jack Kerley

So book number two from Jack Kerley ‘The Death Collectors’. Again I had the issue with the writing style but for me the story in this book was even better than the ‘Hundredth Man’. He had me to the end and once again shocked me with the reveal.

So again we follow Carson and Harry though a murder investigation only this time its real weird! Pieces of art are being mailed to the victims and discovered with their bodies. The art pulls up a 30 year old case and opens the door to a strange world where we are introduced to the people know as ‘Death Collectors’. They spend their thousands on items belonging to serial killers and blood soaked clothing that belonged to the victims. 

But the art being discovered with the bodies ‘The art of the final moment’ holds significance as up until now it was believed to be a myth. Could a serial killer dead 30 years have come back to haunt the town of Mobile? 

BRILLIANT! I’m not even sure that collecting things belonging to serial killers is a thing but common sense tells me this world is pretty messed up and I’m sure it is! I find the whole idea quite interesting and seriously messed up so to throw a couple of murders in there and write a book about it, awesome idea! 

Totally hooked me and with this book I learnt to ignore the writing faults, not sure if that’s a good thing but worth a read on a lazy day!


The Hundredth Man By Jack Kerley

The Hundredth Man by Jack Kerley (Hardback, 2004)

So this book I picked up in the local library on a whim and I went back today to get the next two, that said although I like the story I’m not a huge fan of the way its written. At times its like the sentences or paragraphs are worded wrong. I know what he means and understand what hes saying but I’ve had to stop a few times and read sentences out loud just to check its not me! However Jack Kerley pulled me in somewhere as I’m now 3/4 of the way through his 3rd book!

So we follow Detective Carson Ryder and his partner Harry Nautilus, and as with all other crime fiction EVERYWHERE there’s a dead body or 2 and a crazy serial killer on the loose. Like I said before the reason I ended up enjoying this book and going back for more is the story, it flows well and he throws you all over the place and honestly for me that’s half the fun. I was honestly surprised when I found out who the killer was but as always thinking back Kerley placed some well hidden clues along the way.

The characters are great, I really like Carson and Harry they are a perfect partnership and have some really enjoyable banter and back stories. I would suggest this book if your an avid reader of crime as even though its not the best writing I’ve come across theirs something about Kerley’s story that left me wanting more!