The Shadow Year By Hannah Richell

The Shadow Year by Hannah Richell (Paperback, 2013)

Holiday book number 5! What an amazing way to end my list of holiday books.

This book is simply beautiful it follows Lila in the current day and Kat 30 years previous. Kat and her friends finish school and decide to take a day out in the countryside. They arrive at a remote lake and an old abandoned cottage and instantly thoughts turn to escaping real life for a year and living it rough with only mother nature to care for them. We follow their ups and downs and the struggles they face mixed up with general teenage hormones until everything starts to fall apart and they alone will have to hold the secrets of the year at the cottage forever.

30 years later Lila finds herself the owning the cottage Kat and her friends lived in so many years ago. Who would give her this cottage and why does it feel so familiar? Struggling to keep her marriage together and dealing with the recent death of her father Lila begins to renovate the cottage and uncover its secrets.

So this book pulled me under and I was guessing the end from the very first page. Just gorgeous. I loved it!


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