Eleven By Mark Watson

Eleven-Mark Watson

I just finished this book last night and honestly for me it was one of those, change your life recommend to everyone that even looks in your direction. I have not been so excited by a book for a really long time!

So we follow Xavier Ireland and his life in London as a late night radio host. I really don’t want to say too much because you HAVE to read this book but the story really begins when Xavier is walking home from the store and he sees a kid being beaten up by a bunch of bullies. Xavier tells the kids to stop but when they turn round and size him up he walks away. From here on in even though we still follow Xavier’s story we are introduced to a series of characters whose lives are affected by Xavier’s decision to walk away. Until eventually it makes a full circle and comes to effect Xavier himself. 

Amazingly well written, every time you meet a character even if they have nothing to do with the story you are given tit bits of where their life goes, I love this! Everything has been thought out and just awesome! If you only read one book this year it has to be this one.



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