Its Raining Men By Milly Johnson

It's Raining Men By Milly Johnson - NEW

So this last week I have been lucky enough to have an awesome holiday with my wonderful other half and my beautiful step son, and what summer holiday would be complete without a classic girly holiday book!

This was the first (of 5!!!!) books I read and I got exactly what I wanted, 3 friends Lara, Clare and May are sick of life in the bustle of London decide finally that they need a holiday to get away from their demanding careers and love lives!  They arrive for their 10 day 5* spa break to discover a mistake has been made in the booking and instead they are in the weird and wonderful seaside town of Ren Dullem.

The locals here are less than pleased at the arrival of strangers to the town and the owner of the cabin couldn’t care less if their holiday was booked wrong a refund is not on the cards! After fighting the mistake for a couple of days the girls start to warm to life in Ren Dullem and go on to enjoy a life changing holiday with all the holiday book staples, drama, mystery, men and of course a few bottles of wine!

Read this book on the beach in the sunshine, I did and I loved it!


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