The Secret Cardinal By Tom Grace

So I raided the local library once again and I picked up this book basically because of the cover! What could be wrong with a book where the jacket picture is a man running from an explosion and on top of that ‘The secret cardinal’ obviously about the catholic church! Winning combination! 

I got it home and discovered I was of course correct, this book is great! I was hooked from the first page and finished it in two days! It follows ‘Nolan Kilkenny’ an ex navy seal on a mission to free Cardinal Yin from communist china, under the recently deceased popes orders (of course). 

I don’t want to go too much into it because honestly if I did it would become increasingly obvious where the story was heading! That would be my only criticism actually that from the start its obvious whats going to happen in the end, however sometimes when your reading its nice to be in the know! Having said that the action scenes were well written and full of tragedy, the ‘baddies’ (aka the Chinese) stories were well executed and the view you got of the Catholic Church was one of love and honor. Bishop (Cardinal) Yin is an amazing character and honestly once I got to know him every time he spoke I smiled inside, such a beautiful and inspiring man! (I know hes fictional I should settle down!) 

To sum up, the ending is obvious however the journey you embark on with this book is awesome, definitely worth a read!


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