12th Of Never By James Patterson

So I couldn’t help myself when I spotted this and had to get another James Patterson fix! ‘The womens’ murder club’ series is one I’m fond of but I’m sure there’s still 3 or 4 I haven’t read. Although they are obviously written to be read in order I have still enjoyed reading them as separate novels (aka in the wrong order!). You lose a little of the main story line but Patterson makes up for that by just being awesome! 

If you haven’t read any of the Womens’ Murder club series it follows 4 friends (One of these changes half way through btw!) they are: Lindsay Boxer who is a police sergeant, Cindy Thomas a journalist, Claire Washburn a Medical Examiner and Yuki Castellano a district attorney. Basically they drink cocktails whilst discussing the cases and this leads to them solving the puzzle and catching the bad guy!

In this book Lindsay has just had her first child and as well as chasing the newest killer on the block and helping the FBI question a convicted murderer to work out where he disposed of the yet undiscovered bodies of his victims she goes through a heart wrenching ordeal with her newborn Julie! As if this wasn’t enough to be going on with a body has also been stolen from Claire’s Morgue, Yuki is trying to convict a man accused of murdering his wife and child and Cindy’s’ love life is in dire straights! Phew….

These book are just filled with too many side lined stories to even talk about and that’s what makes them awesome! As far as I’m aware 12th of Never is the latest in the series and is just as good as the rest.

Obviously if you can read them in order, that’s the correct way but if your like me and you buy them because there too cheap to pass up you’ll still enjoy them just as much! 


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