Second Honeymoon By James Patterson

This was the most exciting book I’ve read for ages and as much as the story line was involved mainly it was because I went to the library and borrowed it! That might not sound very exciting and as much as I adore my kindle actually having a book in my hands! AMAZING!

Anyway…James Patterson is my ultimate all time favorite writer, for a few reasons, firstly crime fiction (obviously), secondly his stories are always thought out well, your never quite sure where hes going until he gets there. And third he seems to bring out new books all the time, I remember as a kid waiting 2 years for Harry Potter I’m not that patient anymore I want it NOW!

So this book was great, it follows 2 separate story lines with 2 different murderers until halfway through which makes it interesting, the only thing I would say with this book is your so built up about it all and when they catch the ‘baddies’ its a little…well…to keep it simple, not exciting enough! Then of course there’s the cliche romance at the end which every crime fiction needs! All in all I enjoyed it and would recommend but if your going to try James Patterson out for the first time go with the Alex Cross series, you’ll love them!


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