12th Of Never By James Patterson

So I couldn’t help myself when I spotted this and had to get another James Patterson fix! ‘The womens’ murder club’ series is one I’m fond of but I’m sure there’s still 3 or 4 I haven’t read. Although they are obviously written to be read in order I have still enjoyed reading them as separate novels (aka in the wrong order!). You lose a little of the main story line but Patterson makes up for that by just being awesome! 

If you haven’t read any of the Womens’ Murder club series it follows 4 friends (One of these changes half way through btw!) they are: Lindsay Boxer who is a police sergeant, Cindy Thomas a journalist, Claire Washburn a Medical Examiner and Yuki Castellano a district attorney. Basically they drink cocktails whilst discussing the cases and this leads to them solving the puzzle and catching the bad guy!

In this book Lindsay has just had her first child and as well as chasing the newest killer on the block and helping the FBI question a convicted murderer to work out where he disposed of the yet undiscovered bodies of his victims she goes through a heart wrenching ordeal with her newborn Julie! As if this wasn’t enough to be going on with a body has also been stolen from Claire’s Morgue, Yuki is trying to convict a man accused of murdering his wife and child and Cindy’s’ love life is in dire straights! Phew….

These book are just filled with too many side lined stories to even talk about and that’s what makes them awesome! As far as I’m aware 12th of Never is the latest in the series and is just as good as the rest.

Obviously if you can read them in order, that’s the correct way but if your like me and you buy them because there too cheap to pass up you’ll still enjoy them just as much! 


The Secret Cardinal By Tom Grace

So I raided the local library once again and I picked up this book basically because of the cover! What could be wrong with a book where the jacket picture is a man running from an explosion and on top of that ‘The secret cardinal’ obviously about the catholic church! Winning combination! 

I got it home and discovered I was of course correct, this book is great! I was hooked from the first page and finished it in two days! It follows ‘Nolan Kilkenny’ an ex navy seal on a mission to free Cardinal Yin from communist china, under the recently deceased popes orders (of course). 

I don’t want to go too much into it because honestly if I did it would become increasingly obvious where the story was heading! That would be my only criticism actually that from the start its obvious whats going to happen in the end, however sometimes when your reading its nice to be in the know! Having said that the action scenes were well written and full of tragedy, the ‘baddies’ (aka the Chinese) stories were well executed and the view you got of the Catholic Church was one of love and honor. Bishop (Cardinal) Yin is an amazing character and honestly once I got to know him every time he spoke I smiled inside, such a beautiful and inspiring man! (I know hes fictional I should settle down!) 

To sum up, the ending is obvious however the journey you embark on with this book is awesome, definitely worth a read!

Second Honeymoon By James Patterson

This was the most exciting book I’ve read for ages and as much as the story line was involved mainly it was because I went to the library and borrowed it! That might not sound very exciting and as much as I adore my kindle actually having a book in my hands! AMAZING!

Anyway…James Patterson is my ultimate all time favorite writer, for a few reasons, firstly crime fiction (obviously), secondly his stories are always thought out well, your never quite sure where hes going until he gets there. And third he seems to bring out new books all the time, I remember as a kid waiting 2 years for Harry Potter I’m not that patient anymore I want it NOW!

So this book was great, it follows 2 separate story lines with 2 different murderers until halfway through which makes it interesting, the only thing I would say with this book is your so built up about it all and when they catch the ‘baddies’ its a little…well…to keep it simple, not exciting enough! Then of course there’s the cliche romance at the end which every crime fiction needs! All in all I enjoyed it and would recommend but if your going to try James Patterson out for the first time go with the Alex Cross series, you’ll love them!

Road Closed By Leigh Russell

Leigh Russells first book ‘Cut Short’ was my first post on this blog and I finally got round to reading the second installment ‘Road Closed’. This book was interesting as I’ve said before if it’s crime fiction chances are I WILL LOVE IT!

 Again we follow ‘DI Geraldine Steel’ as she starts investigating her next murder case. In this book we get to know Geraldine and the rest of the team better as Leigh opens up and gives us more of an insight into their characters and lives.

Just like the first book its written well and holds you until the end. There’s not too much else to say really as much as I enjoyed this book its a murder mystery. If that’s your genre you will like it. I will definitely be purchasing the next book and reading more of what Leigh has to offer!

Harry’s Game By Gerald Seymour

Harry's Game By Gerald Seymour - NEW

I really enjoyed this book, I started reading it without even reading the blurb or having any idea what it was about really but it soon became very obvious it was about the war in Belfast with the IRA and the English. It follows Harry as he enters IRA territory undercover to find the murderer (assassin) of a English politician. Its interesting to read the views and activities that were common at the time in Belfast. I think the fact this book was first published back in 1975 also helps it along with being quite realistic about the IRA and the way impostors were tortured and murdered if discovered. Throughout the book the fear you feel for Harry is what compels you to keep turning the pages in the hope that eventually he’ll get to go home to his wife and children. 

Basically absolutely brilliant! 

The Lewis Man By Peter May

The Lewis Man. Peter May (Lewis Trilogy Book 2)-Peter May

I read this book out on a recent camping trip, I got totally lost in story and loved it.

It is essentially a murder mystery but with a twist, the murder occurred 50 years before and the only surviving relative of the victim? You guessed it old and crazy! The way its written is brilliant it jumps back and forward but is so easy to follow. What started as a strange ‘I have nothing else to read’ book became complex and enthralling very quickly.

Please read this! Amazing book cannot wait to discover more of Peter May.

Austenland by Shannon Hale

Just finished this book, honestly so much fun! The characters are great and I think most women will identify with waiting for ‘Mr Darcy’. It follows Jane as she embarks on a fabulous holiday to Austenland. (which is exactly as it sounds with her very own Mr Darcy included in the price) She goes to get over her Darcy addiction and move on to more realistic relationship ideals. What she ends up with is predictable but very enjoyable, easy to read and would definitely recommend. Awesome holiday book, not much to think about but it will make you smile.