Cut Short by Leigh Russell

Cut Short

So my wonderful mother bought me a kindle last Christmas and I have to be honest and say there is no better feeling than being able to purchase a book for under £5! This book (on kindle) will set you back a whopping £2.30! How can anyone complain?

Firstly (other than the awesome price) the reason I was attracted to this book is simple, its ‘Crime Fiction’ and I love a good mystery!

So this book follows ‘DI Geraldine Steel’ as she starts her new life in the small town of Woolsmarsh. There is (as always) a murderer on the loose that they have to catch before time runs out!

It took me a couple of chapters to really get into this book, because I struggled to follow the writing style, however after that I couldn’t put it down. I wont ruin the ending (obviously) but I really enjoyed it, so often in crime fiction there’s so many unanswered questions and then the book just ends and you have to work out the answers for yourself but with this book it told me everything I needed to know and wrapped it up in a big pink bow! I really did enjoy it and would definitely recommend for a lazy afternoon in front of the fire!

I have already purchased the next book ‘Road Closed’ (an even bigger bargain at $0.69) and i’m defiantly looking forward to reading it. So grab your kindle and get downloading NOW!!


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