My Fathers House By Bethany Dawson

I finished this book last night and loved it, the story line is quite simple and easy to follow, it follows ‘Robbie’ as he goes back to his home town for the first time in 5 years and begins to try and be re accepted by his family and assist in the care of his father who is dying of cancer. It flows well, the characters are well thought out and they all fit together mish mash just like any ordinary family. Definitely worth a read but not the most exciting book I’ve come across recently.


The Wedding Diaries By Sam Binnie

My mum bought this book for me when I got engaged just for fun, costing just £2.99 on kindle another bargain! 

Its a fun easy to read story about the perils of organizing a wedding and the bridezilla type tendencies that every woman experiences (even fleetingly) whilst planning a wedding. Totally fun and one of my favorite bits is she actually gives you some fairly sensible and handy advice for your wedding in the back! Its written in diary form and generally I’m not a fan but I didn’t mind it. If your recently engaged and planning your wedding and you need a book to bring yourself back to reality (in a nice way) this is it! 

Great gift from my mum to make me smile 🙂

Bareback By Kit Whitfield

This book was one I came across at a garage sale, I probably paid about £0.20 and it was worth so much more. I don’t know if werewolves are really a popular book thing (like vampires) because although I dabble in fantasy occasionally its not something I really go out looking for , however this book was awesome. I loved the fact she turned everything round and instead of the werewolves being the outcasts its the ‘nons’ that are judged and hidden from society.

It’s an interesting way of looking at things and its written really well, this is well worth a read and if fantasy is your genre then I dare say you’ll love it! 

Lost Christmas By David Logan

So this book is again one of my kindle books (I love it) it cost £4.42 so again an amazing price. 

My mum was the one who told me to read this book and that always makes me a little unsure and when I started reading it I got to the end of the first page and thought she’d lost her mind, but as I read on this amazing world appeared and I was completely consumed with it. I would honestly recommend this book to anyone its so beautiful (how cheesy, but really it is) and at the end I’m not ashamed to say I shed a tear! Read it anytime and anywhere, you will love it and if you don’t, WHATS WRONG WITH YOU! No I joke but its amazing, buy it now! 

Perfect People By Peter James

So again this was a book i purchased on my kindle and from memory it cost about £2.50 which is a good price but…

This book starts amazing it follows a couple who decide to have a (for lack of a better term) designer baby, their reasons are (in my opinion) perfectly valid all they want to do is remove a gene that may cause their new baby to die of the same genetic disease their first child died of. So off they go and make a baby and then it gets strange, then a bit stranger and then just to top it off even stranger! I still half enjoyed this book, its very easy to read and I got through it in a just over a day, its just for me the story line is too far fetched to be believable. Maybe my imagination isn’t as good as I previously assumed or maybe its just a bit too silly. 

I probably wouldn’t recommend this book, its cheap but after I’d finished reading I was left feeling let down, and deflated, but if you decide to give it a go or you’ve already read it I’d love to know what you thought! 

Cut Short by Leigh Russell

Cut Short

So my wonderful mother bought me a kindle last Christmas and I have to be honest and say there is no better feeling than being able to purchase a book for under £5! This book (on kindle) will set you back a whopping £2.30! How can anyone complain?

Firstly (other than the awesome price) the reason I was attracted to this book is simple, its ‘Crime Fiction’ and I love a good mystery!

So this book follows ‘DI Geraldine Steel’ as she starts her new life in the small town of Woolsmarsh. There is (as always) a murderer on the loose that they have to catch before time runs out!

It took me a couple of chapters to really get into this book, because I struggled to follow the writing style, however after that I couldn’t put it down. I wont ruin the ending (obviously) but I really enjoyed it, so often in crime fiction there’s so many unanswered questions and then the book just ends and you have to work out the answers for yourself but with this book it told me everything I needed to know and wrapped it up in a big pink bow! I really did enjoy it and would definitely recommend for a lazy afternoon in front of the fire!

I have already purchased the next book ‘Road Closed’ (an even bigger bargain at $0.69) and i’m defiantly looking forward to reading it. So grab your kindle and get downloading NOW!!